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World Ads Network is Dubai, United Arab Emirates based advertising & marketing firm and a unique blend of multiple opportunities. We are utilizing the latest trends and marketing strategies to boost the advertisers business. If you are going to join us, you agree and entirely understand our user terms and condition and FAQ’s. If you are displeased with any of our plans, FAQ’s any part of our terms and conditions or any part of website, your solitary alleviate is not to use our website, services and products in any means. If find any kind of negative activity at user’s end or violation of our any of terms & conditions or FAQS is found, we have complete rights to suspend his account permanently without any prior notice and he will lose his amount.

  1. It is openly declared that we are providing digital advertising and marketing services to our users. By joining us you simply buying our different physical & virtual products. The use of the website is at your own risk. You declare that under no conditions shall administration or its all working staff, website and owners be responsible to you or any third party.
  2. All the features of this website are the whole property of Administration. The entire compensation plan for users, logos, trademarks, graphics, text & images, button icons and software are the intellectual property of Administration and protected by the international copyright laws. No one can copy, transmit or modify them without the prior written permission of Administration.
  3. Every user that is wishing to buy a package must be cleared about all the terms and conditions of the package. All information about all the packages is mentioned at the products page. Advertising packages that a user buy must be utilized in the earliest of time by promotion his websites or links. The company is not responsible if user did not utilizes his advertising package within 180 days from buying the package.
  4. All users must be aware that we will not advertise any kind of negative material like pornography, hated material, any kind of text and video about terrorism, material against any personality or regions etc. We will revise the material and then allows the advertising to be delivered to the clients.
  5. Every user is very clearly informed that World Ads Network is purely just an advertising company and we did not deals any kind of any other businesses that are shown in our ads or informed by any affiliate. We did not offer any kinds of compensations other than mentioned on the website. So. all users must read the whole content of the website before buying any package.
  6. All the earnings shown in the website at all pages are expected earnings which we calculate according to our past experience but we cannot predict anything for the future. May be users have no earnings in few month during 60 months duration, so in such case we will increase the duration of the product package according to no earning months. Company has the full right to close the system in case of any loss suffered by the company in any means. In such case we will give back the package amount (without service charges) to the users in mutually decided time period.
  7. Administration has zero tolerance on spam in any of its form like spamming through emails, Blogs, forums; social networks (Face book, Twitter, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google talk, Msn etc) in any of its kind will be a result of permanently suspended account without any prior notice. If any user is found spamming or abusing Administration at any official social media pages/ blogs etc will also lose his account permanently without a prior notice.
  8. All users are assured that they cannot guide others about us that we have not offered. Any kind of false representation, rumors and misconceptions will not be tolerated at any cost.
  9. Administration has the right to change terms and conditions and FAQ at any time. Whenever we feel or introduce something new in the system, we will modify or add new terms & conditions or FAQs. So, all the users are advised to check our FAQs and terms & conditions regularly.
  10. We offer compensation plan for the pure purpose of marketing and digital advertising worldwide. This compensation plan cannot be entitled in any other means and forms. Every member is joining us to avail the digital advertising services and not to get any kind of other benefits in any means or forms.
  11. Administration will not be responsible for any kind of third party in case of any damages or loses of any case. Every user declares that no one forcing him to join. Every user is joining at his own will.
  12. You also declared that you are not an employ of any of government, agencies or media to collect any of information of the system. We have our rights to go against him legally at anywhere.
  13. Users are responsible of all the payment processors information that they have provide us in the profile area. We are not responsible of any kind of wrong withdraws or transactions due to availability of wrong payment processor information.
  14. All users will get their all earnings on first of every month. Administration will pay bonus to each user on every 11th to 15th of each month. Every user has to follow the rules and regulations in payout system. A total of 5% withdraw processing is applicable on each withdraw.
  15. Earnings of all packages will start after 5 days of buying the package.
  16. All users must provide personal ID in shape of passport or driving License, proof of address in shape of utility bill and signed agreement that is available at join and profile page.
  17. World Ads Network is providing different advertising and marketing services. All these services have one time costs that are mentioned at packages page. These service charges are nonreturnable and nontransferable once user has placed his account. Every user can take back his original amount (without service charges) at any time. In such case user must inform us by mail. Amount will be returned back to him within minimum 30 to maximum 60 days. No compensation or affiliate earnings will be applicable during this period.
  18. All the users and publishers are the independent promoters. They are not the agents or employees of Administration. Administration is not responsible of any kind of misdeed or false promise by any user.